Linux Directories

From root (cd /):

  • /bin essential executables, always available
  • /sbin essential super user executables
  • /lib shared common libraries (for bin and sbin)
  • /etc (editable text configuration)
  • /usr
    • /usr/local
      • /usr/local/bin locally compiled binaries
    • /usr/bin installed binaries for users
  • /home user data
    • /home/___ individual user directory (also ~)
  • /boot required to boot the system (like Linux kernel)
  • /dev devices/hardware/drivers
  • /opt optional/add-on software, rarely will be used
  • /var variable files that change as the system is used (like log and cache files)
  • /tmp temporary files
  • /proc running processes

Detailed in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.